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Encabezados de seminarios web-Bienvenido-a-Electude

Welcome to Electude

This webinar introduces users to the basics needed for beginning users of Electude. After this training you will be able to get started in Electude as a teacher, know the basics of the Electude’s Learning Management System (LMS), and understand the features of the Modules, Courses, Groups, and Settings tab. Level: Basic Time: 50 minutes (30 presentation, 20 … Continued


5 May 2022


Student management

This beginning level webinars helps users organize students into courses (groups), assign them a voucher and a password, work with assessments, and create a master course and assign to students. After this training, you will be able to add and organize students in Electude and assign content to your student groups in a well-organized way. Level: Basic … Continued


4 May 2022

Encabezados de seminarios web-Construcción-de-cursos-en-Electude

Building courses in Electude

This webinar will show you how to: Copy and re-arrange a pre-defined course. Create and build a self-made course. Hand out the self-created content to a group of students. Review the self-created content as a student. Make optimal use of course locks. Use the DIY tool to upload a file or create a link. After … Continued


3 May 2022